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AvantQuest Technologies is an electronics software and design services company. We offer state-of-the-art design solutions to address our customer's advanced Analog-Mixed signal design problems. We deliver an optimized mix of design software, design services and silicon IPs to augment the design flow and achieve the customer's design targets. Our philosophy is to partner with every customer. As partners, our customer's goal is our goal and our customer's success is our success.



“Our IC group was looking for a front-end simulation tool that would allow us to realize full-chip simulations combining SPICE and Verilog models on a Windows platform, using a true single-kernel mixed-language engine. SMASH got us a big step closer to this realization. With the ability to easily push all standard logic gates from the transistor domain into the HDL domain. It seamlessly takes care of all glue logic.”

-- J.P. Curzan, Manager of IC
Nova Sensors

“The technical support has been excellent. Whenever a problem arose, we were able to contact AvantQuest and get an immediate response.”

-- Dr. J. Langan, President & CEO
Computational Sensors Corp

“Choosing the right design house is a critical part of ensuring our chips work from the first run. We are impressed with AvantQuest's deep understanding of our design. AvantQuest's quality, timeliness and competitive pricing has exceeded our expectations.”

-- JP Lay, Ph.D., GM
Sunshine Technology