Silicon IPs Overview

DOLPHIN Intgration offers a variety of IP cores to enable Mixed Signal Systems-on-Chip (SoC) while reducing time-to-market, and increasing reliability and yield.

These Silicon IPs include:

Embedded ROMs

Embedded RAMs

Audio ADC/DAC/CODEC/Peripherals


Standard Cells Libraries


With DOLPHIN Integration IPs, designers have the insurance of a perfect match with their target application. Each virtual component is delivered at a soft and a hard level with all required materials such as:



Logic functional simulation model and testbench (Verilog or BHDL)

Front-end views for the analog part: footprint (VC LEF), digital timing model for static verification (TLF, LIB)

Netlist (SPICE)

Guidelines for SoC integration and test (pdf)

VHDL-AMS models and testbench (option)

Characterization board (option)