Recent News

22 Apr 2011 AvantQuest announces new imulation of assertions accelerated with SLED SDG. Learn more .
07 Feb 2011 DOLPHIN Integration enable virtual prototyping of automotive applications through multi-domain EDA. Learn more .
28 Jun 2010 AvantQuest announces SLED 1.6, a new release of the Schematic Editor that paves the way for efficient graphical assembly of multi-level and multi-domain designs. Learn more .
15 Oct 2009 AvantQuest enables its Hierarchical Schematic Editor (SLED) with seamless interoperability with major design tools and flows. Learn more .
08 Jun 2009 IHP selects SMASH for natural mixed signal design. Learn more .
14 Sep 2007 AvantQuest announces a new Hierarchical Schematic Editor (SLED) with support for Mixed-signal and multi-lingual netlisting in SPICE, Verilog-HDL & VHDL. Learn more .
02 Jul 2007 AvantQuest announces a new SMASH graphic interface to improve Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS debug efficinecy. Learn more .
05 May 2007 New Verilog-AMS and VHDL-AMS Code Coverage Analysis is now available with SMASH to help designers detect flaws in Virtual Testbenches. Learn more .
04 Jan 2007 AvantQuest announces a SMASH upgrade with sensitivity-analysis capability for the DFM conscious designer. Learn more .
12 Sep 2006 AvantQuest announces a new tool for power estimation (SCROOGE). Learn more .
11 MAY 2006 SMASH used to design innovative energy image processing arrays. Learn more .
19 DEC 2005 AvantQuest announces a breakthrough in accurate simulation of jitter. Learn more .
30 JUN 2005 Dolphin Integration releases SMASH v5.5.0. with Verilog-A support. Learn what's new.
26 JUN 2005 Dolphin Integration releases SoC GDS v5.6.0. Learn what's new.
05 JAN 2005 Computational Sensors Corp selects SMASH HDL to design its revolutionary image processing ICs. Learn more.
31 DEC 2004 Dolphin Integration releases SMASH v5.4.0. Learn what's new.
28 DEC 2004 Dolphin Integration releases SoC GDS v5.5.0. Learn what's new.

03 DEC 2004

Victory Industrial selected AvantQuest Technologies to develop its voltage regulator to operate at high voltage, high temperature conditions that are suitable for its world class alternators. Learn more.

04 JUL 2004

Dolphin Integration releases SMASH v5.3.3. Learn what's new.

22 JUN 2004

Dolphin Integration releases SoC GDS v4.3.1. Learn what's new.
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