How to Evaluate SoC GDS

Step 1:


Click here to download SoC GDS.


By email, you will receive a 6-month renewable license for the SoC GDS limited version (Discovery version).


Step 2:


Install SoC GDS.


When you run SoC GDS for the first time, you will be asked to point to the license file that you received by email.


Step 3:


Use SoC GDS to simulate the examples that are provided in the installation:

<installation dir>\Dolphin\SoCGDS\examples. You can also try your own examples. Please see limitation of Seduction license below.


Step 4:


If you are interested in a full license, please contact us.


What you CAN do with the limited version (Discovery Version):

1). Load and display multiple uncompressed GDSII files with no restriction

2). Load and display multiple compressed GDSII files with no restriction

3). Display hierarchy in integrated browser

4). Tolerance on minor GDSII format errors

5). Log stream-in and stream-out layer mapping



What you CANNOT do with the limited version (Seduction Version):

1). Graphically configure layer display attributes and visibility

2). Set and display marks and measures, XOR, DRC

3). Cadence display configuration compatibility interface

4). Configure rendering speed and precision

5). Adjust hierarchical depth extension in layout window

6). Navigate hierarchy through hierarchy browser

7). Save preconfigured technology & display configuration

8). Filter cell list for fast access to large GDSII libraries

9). Save or copy images to file/clipboard

and more..

For the SoC GDS packages Click Here