How to Evaluate SMASH

Step 1:


Click here to download SMASH.


By email, you will receive a 6-month renewable license for the SMASH limited version (Discovery version).


Step 2:


Install SMASH.


When you run SMASH for the first time, you will be asked to point to the license file that you received by email.


Step 3:


Use SMASH to simulate the examples that are provided in the installation:

<installation dir>\Dolphin\SmashXXX\examples.


Step 4:


If you are interested in a full license, please contact us.


Limitation of the limited version Discovery Version):


1). SPICE nodes are limited to 25

2). ABCD modules cannot be compiled

3). Only 30 ASIC model instances may be loaded (BSIM3, MM9, EKV)

4). Only 30 model instances may be loaded using relaxation

5). Verilog-HDL nodes are limited to 50

6). Verilog-HDL processes are limited to 10

7). VHDL signals are limited to 50

8). VHDL processes are limited to 10

9). VHDL-AMS quantities are limited to 30